Financial Plan & Tax Rates Bylaws Adopted

At its Regular Meeting dated April 17, 2023 Council adopted Village of Lumby Financial Plan Bylaw No. 881, 2023.


At its’ Regular Meeting dated February 21, 2023 Council gave first reading to Financial Plan Bylaw No. 881, 2023. The bylaw was then published in the Lumby Valleys Times as well as placed onto the Village’s website to engage the public in participating and providing comments on the Financial Plan. Public consultation report dated April 3, 2023 from the Chief Financial Officer attached for information. Council considered the report from the Chief Financial Officer dated April 3, 2023 titled 2023 – 2027 Financial Plan and gave 2nd and 3rd reading to the bylaw at its’ Regular meeting dated April 3, 2023.

Council considered and adopted Bylaw No. 881, 2023 at its Regular Meeting April 17, 2023.

Tax Rates

Council considered and adopted the 2023 Village of Lumby Annual Tax and Special Rates Bylaw No. 883, 2023 at its Regular Council Meeting dated Monday May 15, 2023.