Lumby Schools

Lumby is situated in School District No. 22. J.W. Inglis Elementary School starts at kindergarten up to grade 6, and Charles Bloom Secondary School offers grades 7 through 12. There is also a Crossroads Education program, which allows adults to upgrade their education level if they so desire.

The Okanagan College is located in Vernon, a short drive away from Lumby. The college offers a full spectrum of degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs. For more information regarding a specific field of study, please contact the school by phone (250-545-7291) or visit their website.

Educational Organizations:

Okanagan College
Phone: 250-545-7291

Crossroads Education Centre
Phone: 250-547-2593

Charles Bloom Secondary School
Phone: 250-547-2191

J.W. Inglis Elementary
Phone: 250-547-9231

Cherryville Elementary
Phone: 250-547-6163

Vernon District School Board Trustees, representing the Village of Lumby:

Genette Acton

Lori Mindnich