Council approves one-year pilot Busker / Street Performers Program

A pilot program to allow buskers and street performers within the Village of Lumby has been approved by Council for one year. This will allow the Village to implement a busker / street performer program without the requirement of amending any of its bylaws, such as the Good Neighbour Bylaw, Business Licence Bylaw and the MTI Bylaw.

A pilot program allows the Village to monitor the program, review and assess any concerns or challenges, and assess the preferred locations for the program. Part of the review will include soliciting feedback from the buskers / street performers, members of the public, businesses, and other stakeholders. It is expected that the review would report on feedback about the pilot program and make recommendations to Council to amend applicable bylaws based on the knowledge and experience gained from the pilot program.

What is Busking?

Busking is a street performance where performers accept money from the public. Busking and street performances include, but are not limited to, the following activities: acting, singing, playing musical instruments, magic, dancing, puppetry, clowning or juggling, poetry or other acts of a similar nature in public places.

Certain activities, such as amplification and the use of sharp, dangerous, or flaming objects are prohibited. The use of drums will be authorized on a case-by-case basis. Time and location restrictions are some of the conditions and Guidelines in place for the pilot program. To read the BUSKER / STREET PERFORMER POLICY and Permit Application Form, click here.

Buskers do not include face painters, portrait artists, painters, crafts people, psychics, or any person
or artist who provides a service or produces a product.


Performers must complete the “Busker/Street Performer Permit Application” and purchase at $25 annual permit.

Permits are not required for performers who are part of an organized street event including parades, festivals and marches.