Communities across the North Okanagan Join Alertable

North Okanagan communities have joined together through the use of the same emergency notification system, Alertable, to share time-sensitive and emergency-related information.

The City of Armstrong, District of Coldstream, City of Enderby, Village of Lumby, Township of Spallumcheen, Okanagan Indian Band and the RDNO’s five electoral areas (B,C,D,E, and F) have signed on to use of the notification app to provide more streamlined communication around emergencies. The City of Vernon joined Alertable earlier this year, so the additional communities signing on with the same system helps create consistency throughout the region.

Alertable will be used to share time-sensitive information and direction related to local emergencies such as wildfires, floods, or other hazards that may occur within each jurisdictions’ boundaries. While each of the above government bodies and municipalities manages local emergency responses independently, the coordinated implementation of Alertable makes it simple for people in each area to sign up and receive emergency-related alerts.

Residents and visitors in each community are encouraged to subscribe to Alertable and choose their preferred method for receiving alerts. Signing up for alerts through the smart phone app is recommended because it gives users the option to receive alerts from any jurisdiction that uses the app based on their real-time current location. In addition to the app option, there are over 14 others to choose from, including text, email, phone, website, social media, home smart speaker and more.

To view the Media Release from the RDNO click here.

For information on subscribing to alerts from the Village of Lumby, click here

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