Liquid Waste Management Plan

The Village of Lumby has received funding to implement a Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) that will guide how the Village’s sanitary sewer wastewater and storm sewer effluent will be collected and treated for the next 20 years. A key component of the LWMP is to engage the public in receiving their input. It is highly encouraged that all Lumby, Area D and Area E residents voice their opinion by familiarizing themselves with the LWMP Newsletter.

For clarification purposes, a LWMP Question and Answer publication will be updated as required. This piece of literature will hopefully answer those piercing questions that residents have wondered about.

As part of the Liquid Waste Management Plan, a Single Advisory Committee (SAC) was formed consisting of community members (Lumby residents, Area D and Area E), Village of Lumby staff, key community stakeholders, technical experts and First Nations. The SAC will be the engine driving the process and will eventually recommend to Village of Lumby council the direction(s) to be pursued for wastewater and stormwater collection and treatment. Meeting agendas and subsequent minutes will be posted as they become available.

Background Report

June 27, 2012 SAC Meeting Agenda

June 27, 2012 SAC Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2012 SAC Meeting Agenda

Recommendations from Lumby’s Liquid Waste Management Plan Stage 1 Report will be submitted to council this winter for approval. The report includes information gathered and reviewed by engineering consultants and representatives from the Ministry of Environment during two Single Advisory Committee meetings and an area-wide survey conducted over the last year.

The goal of the Stage 1 report is to make recommendations to Lumby council on several key future treatment and distribution options for the sanitary and storm sewer systems, as identified by
residents through the consultation process. Once the Stage 1 report is adopted by council it will be forwarded to the Ministry of Environment for approval. Stage 2 will then proceed with the evaluation of recommended technologies, detailed cost analyses for all options, and a summary of the associated tax implications.

It is still important for the residents of Lumby to be involved in the LWMP process, as this plan is ‘Lumby specific’ and will guide how the Village manages and finances its sanitary and storm sewer systems well in the future.

Ministry of Environment Approves Stage 1 of the Village of Lumby LWMP

The Ministry of Environment reviewed the Village of Lumby Liquid Waste Management Plan Stage I Final Report, dated January 2014, prepared by Urban Systems, and found it to be consistent with the Ministry Guidelines for Preparing Liquid Waste Management Plans.  The Stage II scope has been finalized and funding is now required through the Strategic Priorities Fund to proceed with Stage II of the LWMP into 2015.

This project has transitioned into the Long-term Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades Project:

The Village of Lumby is seeking professional services to move the Village to compliance with the new environmental and wastewater treatment regulation, which will include an Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and engineering evaluation of the best approach for upgrading the wastewater treatment plant. 

This RFP opportunity closes at May 11, 2018 at 10:00 am, local time.

To view RFP ES-2018-01 Long-Term Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades and Environmental Impact Study (EIS), click here.

To view the attachments (resources provided) click on each below.

1. Village of Lumby (LWMP – Stage 1 Final Report – January 2014);

2. Village of Lumby (May 21, 2014 Email from the Ministry of Environment “MoE”);

3. Village of Lumby (CWWF Application No. 229);

4. Village of Lumby (November 18, 2016 Letter from the Ministry of Environment “MoE”);

5. Village of Lumby (Site Plan);

6. Village of Lumby (Project Cost Estimates);

7. Village of Lumby (Wastewater Treatment Plan, 2016 Permit Report – March 2017);

8. Village of Lumby (Sewage Treatment System Evaluation – March 2012);

9. Village of Lumby (2008 Sanitary Sewer Study – September 2008);

10. Village of Lumby (CARO Analytical Sewer Reports);

11. Village of Lumby (2016 Sewer Lagoons & Lift Station Monitoring Data).