As a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, the Village of Lumby is proud to report that the Village of Lumby is once again carbon neutral in its corporate operations for the 2020 reporting year. 

The joint Provincial – UBCM Green Communities Committee (GCC) has recognized the Village of Lumby for achievement of Level 1, 2 and 3 in previous reporting years.  As the Village of Lumby has met the goal of corporate carbon neutrality for the 2017 reporting year, GCC has awarded the Village of Lumby Level 4 recognition “Achievement of Carbon Neutrality.” 

The Village of Lumby is committed to being a leader in climate action and once again has been awarded Level 4 recognition.

Green House Gas Emission Strategy

Check out the Village of Lumby’s plan to reduce green house gas emissions. 

Supporting strategies include:

Water Supply and Filtration

For information on the Lumby water treatment plant, the Village of Lumby Water Wise publication provides information when the plant became operational.

Village of Lumby receives federal Gas Tax Fund contribution for Lumby’s Sustainable Water Plan – Stage 1 Revitalization Works

Wastewater Treatment
Sewer Main Lift Station Replacement Project

Lumby receives grant for wastewater treatment plant upgrades.

Lumby-Weyerhaeuser Salmon Trails

The Lumby-Weyerhaeuser Salmon Trails were officially opened on June 10th 2006, with the participation of the Okanagan First Nations, represented by the Okanagan Indian Band. Pamphlets and Trail Passports can be picked up at many businesses with the Downtown, at the Chamber of Commerce/Tourist Information Centre and the Village Office. This project adds to the community’s capacity and recognizes the need for a new direction in the local economy.

Learn more about our Salmon Trails contact us.

To view the Transportation and Trails Master Plan click here.