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Village of Lumby Municipal Bylaws

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Water Conservation through Sprinkling Regulations

The Village of Lumby promotes and encourages water conservation. For tips on water conservation click here.

Sprinkling Regulations

Due to the dry summer conditions, the Village of Lumby water users are reminded that water/sprinkling regulations are as follows:

As per Village of Lumby Bylaw No. 700, 2009

The stages of sprinkling restrictions are as follows:

(i)      Normal and Dry stage (year round) odd numbered houses may water on odd days, except that there shall be no watering on the 31st day of any month, even numbered houses on even days between the hours of 7am and 9am and 7pm and 10pm.  Underground sprinkler systems on timers may water three non-consecutive days per week between the hours of 12am (midnight) and 5am.  Hand watering with a hose with a shutoff device or water container may be used at any time for the watering of flowerbeds, baskets and containers.

(ii)     Very Dry stage two days per week odd numbered houses Tuesday and Friday even numbered houses Wednesday and Saturday evenings only from 7pm to 10 pm.  No water use for vehicle, sidewalk or driveway cleaning, pool refilling, hot tub refilling or municipal watering.

(iii)    Extremely Dry stage no sprinkling of any kind.

For further information on water conversation please contact us.

Municipal Policies

Official Community Plan

Village of Lumby Official Community Plan (OCP) was adopted in November, 2005. OCP updates were completed in 2014.  The OCP is a blueprint as to Lumby’s future. The plan is a working document and is constantly under review in order that goals and objectives are being monitored, held relevant and that the plan recognizes the requirements of societal needs, as Lumby is moving towards a “Green Economy”.  

To learn more about our Official Community Plan click here.

Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 761, 2014 received final reading and was adopted by Council at its Regular Meeting dated Monday March 16, 2015.

To view the staff report click here. To view the accompanying OCP maps and schedules click here.

Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 761, 2014 received 3rd Reading from Council at the Regular Council Meeting dated Monday January 19, 2015.

A public hearing was held on Monday January 19, 2015 at 6:30 pm to hear submissions into the Official Community Plan. Council considered the feedback from the referral process as well as considered a staff report on the Official Community Plan.

Prior to Council considering adopting the OCP Bylaw, a Regional Context Statement (RCS) must be accepted by the RDNO Board as required by the Local Government Act. The RDNO Board accepted the Village of Lumby RCS at its Regular Board Meeting dated March 4, 2015. On September 21, 2011 the RDNO adopted a Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) which the purpose of the RGS is to ensure that growth and development in the North Okanagan takes place in a sustainable and consistent manner. The Local Government Act stipulates that if a RGS considers all or part of a municipality, the local OCP must include a Regional Context Statement which clearly identifies the relationship between the OCP and the RGS.

Official Community Plan Update: Background Information

The Village of Lumby applied for and received a grant from the Provincial Government to undertake an Official Community Plan update. Typically an OCP is reviewed and updated every 5-7 years to ensure policy statements and the overall direction is in alignment with the goals and objectives of the community.

Village of Lumby Official Community Plan (OCP) Bylaw No. 638, 2005 was adopted in November, 2005. The OCP is a blueprint as to Lumby’s future. The plan is a working document and is constantly under review in order that goals and objectives are being monitored, and that the plan recognizes the requirements of societal needs, as Lumby is moving towards a “Green Economy”.

At the Regular Meeting of March 3, 2014, Council directed staff to draft Terms of Reference that would synchronize the Regional Context Statement work program and the Official Community Plan (Age-Friendly) Update.

The Village of Lumby has been undertaking the development of an Official Community Plan Regional Context Statement, with $11,500 allocated from a Gas Tax Regionally Significant Projects Grant to complete this work. The works to be undertaken on this project include an analysis of the Village’s Official Community Plan, the preparation of a draft Regional Context Statement, a review of the draft Statements by Council and external agencies, consultation with Village residents and a final review by Village Council and the Regional District Board of Directors. To date, $3,000 have been used towards the preparation of a draft Regional Context Statement, leaving $8,500 to complete the rest of the project.

In November of 2013, the Village was awarded a $20,000 grant by the Union of BC Municipalities to develop and refine Policies in the Official Community Plan that would assist the Village in creating a sustainable and age-friendly community. The works to be undertaken on this project include an analysis of the Village’s Official Community Plan, consultation with key stakeholders and Village residents, compiling a report on the findings of the analysis and consultation, and drafting ‘age-friendly’ OCP Policies for Council’s consideration.

Combining the above noted projects allows for efficient use of financial resources by synchronizing two OCP amendment processes that have significant public engagement elements. In this regard, the total budget for the combined projects would be $28,500. The work would be undertaken by Regional District Planning staff with guidance from Village staff and Council.

To facilitate further discussion on this matter, Council approved a Terms of Reference at the May 20, 2014 Regular Meeting. Click here to view the Terms of Reference.

A review of the Official Community Plan (OCP) has been ongoing. An OCP guides local government decisions regarding development, infrastructure, social, and environmental issues. The current OCP can be viewed by clicking here. Associated maps to the current OCP include Schedule “A” (OCP Map)Schedule “B” (Downtown Core)Schedule “C” (Municipal Boundary and ALR Area)Schedule “D” (Environmentally Sensitive Areas), and Schedule “E” (Natural Hazards).

The following list summarizes key tasks undertaken to date:

  • May 20            Official Community Plan Terms of Reference endorsed by Council
  • May 23            Notice posted on Village website to announce the start of the OCP Review
  • June 2             Informal report to Council (status report on agency referrals, survey, and Lumby Days display preparations)
  • June 4 – 17      Referrals sent to agencies and community contacts
  • June 14 & 15    Poster display and ‘take-aways’ in the Vendors’ Hall at Lumby Days
  • July 7 & 8        Survey mailed out to 770 Village of Lumby residents and businesses
  • July 10            Survey and introductory information provided to White Valley Community​ Resource Centre (WVCRC) for distribution to seniors and youth
  • July 14            Report to Council (Lumby Days, referral process, surveys)
  • July 21            Online survey launched on Village of Lumby website
  • July 18 & 25     Ads promoting online survey in Lumby Valley Times
  • July 25            Ad promoting online survey in Morning Star
  • August 11        Report to Council (survey results, population & housing forecast)
  • September 2    Report to Council (draft Guiding Principles and Goals)
  • September 8    Village website update, updated info to WVCRC seniors luncheon program,​ posters distributed to WVCRC & Village office,
  • September 10   Ad in Morning Star – review of draft Guiding Principles & Goals
  • September 12   Ad in Lumby Valley Times – review of draft Guiding Principles & Goals
  • October 6         Report to Council – status update, next steps
  • October Prepare draft OCP text & maps for consideration of 1st Reading in November

At a regular meeting of Council dated Monday November 3, 2014 Council gave first reading to Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 761, 2014.

An Open House was held on Wednesday November 26, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at the Whitevalley Community Centre located at 2250 Shields Avenue, Lumby, BC.

For more information about the OCP, the next steps and the process to date please contact Marnie Skobalski with the RDNO Planning Department at 250-550-3737.