2024-28 Financial Plan

Council adopted Financial Plan Bylaw No. 894, 2024 at its’ Regular Meeting dated May 6th, 2024. Tax Rate Bylaw No. 896, 2024 was also adopted at this meeting.

Council gave first reading to Bylaw No. 894, 2024 (Financial Plan Bylaw) April 2 2024

Public Comments on the Financial Plan are invited. Written responses must be submitted by 4:00 pm April 12, 2024. To submit your comments, download the comment form here. It can be dropped off at the Village Office, or emailed to info@lumby.ca

To see the Presentation made to Council, please click here. Or Download the Presentation in PDF here.

The Financial Plan is prepared by Village staff and includes information on capital, infrastructure and public works projects, taxes, grants, and other revenues and expenditures. It has been drafted by:
• reviewing critical guiding material, such as the up-to-date Council strategic priorities chart, to ensure action is taken on the issues Council has identified as most important.
• asset and infrastructure status were reviewed (and are continually monitored) to ensure the Village continues to operate in a safe, efficient and productive manner
• stay attuned to ongoing and emerging local issues such as flooding, emergency preparedness, the cemetery, connectivity, the municipal and community carbon footprint, economic development, etc.