Water Utility Financial Master Plan:
The Village of Lumby retained MMM Group Limited (MMM) to prepare a Water Utility Financial Master Plan for the existing potable water distribution system. Funding for this project was obtained through an infrastructure planning grant provided by the Province of British Columbia. The objective of the plan is to provide the Village of Lumby with a strategic short and long-term planning tool for identifying and implementing water system improvements. The Water Utility Financial Master Plan analyzes both the current deficiencies in the water system, as well as the requirements to meet the 20-year growth projections and provides recommendations for infrastructure upgrades.

The Water Utility Financial Master Plan also includes a utility financial analysis which addresses the Village of Lumby’s revenues and expenditures, in order to ensure the Village is operating a financially stable utility. In this respect, the financial plan can be thought of as a phased planning approach with Phase I being the current short-term capital improvement plan (0-5 year system needs) and Phase II encompassing longer (5-20 year) planning horizon. The Water Utility Financial Master Plan was discussed by Council and the MMM Group Limited at the September 15, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting. At the October 6, 2014 Regular Meeting, Council adopted the Village of Lumby Water Utility Financial Master Plan. To view the Water Utility Financial Master Plan click here.

Village of Lumby receives federal Gas Tax Fund contribution for Lumby’s Sustainable Water Plan – Stage 1 Revitalization Works

The Village of Lumby operates the water treatment and distribution system. The water source system consists of three deep wells. In 2010, when the third well was completed, the source and treatment capabilities rose to 5,080,320 litres per day. More importantly the well delivery system offers a surety of supply.

The water is pumped to the filtration plant, where a filtration process takes place to remove iron and manganese (aesthetic purposes only) through a sand filter system. Sodium hypochlorite is introduced to disinfect the water as required by the Interior Health. The once filtered and chlorinated water is pumped to a lower reservoir with a holding capacity of 2,649,788 litres. The water from the lower reservoir is fed into the distribution system by gravity for the lower portion of the Village and is also pumped to the high Reservoir located above Miller Street for distribution to the community, also by gravity. The high reservoir is capable of storing 1,620,156 litres of water.

The regulations require that the water system have the capacity storage for a two day supply of domestic use and a fire fighting supply to meet the Underwriters requirements.

Daily inspections of the water filtration plant and pumping stations is required. During the course of the year as part of the normal operations of the utility, the Public Works Department inspect the fire hydrants, exercise all the water valves and flush the water mains on an annual basis to assist in cleaning the water mains. The department also repairs individual service valves to the property and repairs to the water distribution mains.

Monitoring of the available chlorine in the distribution water mains are collected within several sites throughout Lumby and inputted into a state of the art SCADA system. Within this powerful program, the deep aquifer Lumby utilizes for potable water is also monitored 24 hours a day, showing the reaction of the aquifer during heavy and light use.

Water Meters:
The Village has completed a universal water metering program in 2009 and during the course of 2010, water meter usage readings were now captured on a monthly basis. During the course of 2010, a rate structure was developed that ensures long term maintenance of the water system and future capital expenditures or replacement are covered. In 2011, the consumers were invoiced on a user pay basis. With the installation of water meters, a modest decrease of water consumption was targeted to be around 20% in annual consumption, but as of year-end of 2012, the Village of Lumby has seen a reduction of 32.6% in its annual water consumption.

Cross-Connection Control Program

The Village of Lumby Water Distribution System must adhere to conditions set out by the Interior Health Drinking Water Permit to operate their water system. One of the conditions stipulated by Interior health is to institute a Cross Connection Control Program. In 2010, the Village of Lumby adopted a Cross Connection Control Program and accompanying Bylaw that mandates all industrial and commercial property owners install a back flow prevention device at their building or property which protects from any back flow conditions. This program is administered and managed by the Village of Lumby.

Sprinkling Regulations:

Due to the high consumption of water coupled with the upcoming summer months, the Village of Lumby water users are reminded that water-sprinkling regulations are as follows:

All users are asked to use the minimumamount of water required to keep foliage healthy following these guidelinesThe use of water for sprinkling purposes for residential customers using manual sprinklers with even numbered houses is restricted to even numbered days, and odd numbered houses are restricted to odd numbered days between 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 pm.Except that no sprinkling can occur on the 31st day of any month. Residents using  an underground automatic irrigation system can water to a maximum of 3 non-consecutive days per weekbetween 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m. Hand watering with a hose with a shutoff device or water container may be used at anytime for the watering of flowerbeds, baskets, and containers.

If you have any questions regarding sprinkling regulations please contact us.

Water Chemistry Analysis:

As per the Village of Lumby’s Permit to Operate, issued by Interior Health Authority, the Village is required to provide a drinking water sampling program including continuous monitoring of the water disinfection process, among other requirements listed on the permit. For water chemistry analysis information please contact us.

Water Chemical Analysis Annual Reports

Village of Lumby Water System Emergency Response Plan

Village of Lumby Water Conservation and Drought Contingency Plan