Affordable Housing Project Coming to Lumby

The Village of Lumby has partnered with Habitat for Humanity on an affordable housing project.

About the Habitat for Humanity Project

In keeping with our Affordable Housing Strategy, adopted by Council in November 2017, the Village re-zoned Village owned property on Shields avenue adjacent to the OAP hall to allow for affordable housing.  Since then, the Village has been in discussion with a developer, Habitat for Humanity Okanagan, on the site plan and the servicing requirements.  Once an agreement was made, the non-profit housing organization announced the project.  The first three units may be ready as early as next year and the servicing and roadway would be improved at that time as well.

The community garden, which is used and valued by many residents, wouldn’t need to be moved right away.  Village representatives have discussed the development and rezoning with the WCRC (Whitevalley Community Resource Centre manages the plots for the garden) and they have provided input on a couple of options including moving the community garden across the street beside the tennis courts or into a small parcel of agricultural land that the Village owns. We’ll continue to explore those options with the stakeholders.  Ideas, comments and suggestions can be forwarded at any time to the Village office.

Habitat for Humanity has said that their next steps are community engagement, local fundraising, project financing and the process of family qualifications.  We hope the community will continue to support the development of affordable and attainable home ownership in Lumby.  Mayor Kevin Acton says, “I am pleased that affordable home ownership is one step closer for Lumby residents.”

To view the press release click here.Friday, July 17, 2020 – 10:30am