Council Adopts 2024 Strategic Plan

The process included a community input session on October 24th which was attended by 60 representatives of organizations within Lumby and area. This session engaged the community and elected officials in discussions around the themes of Economy, Environment, Social, Infrastructure and Governance.

Participants discussed what is currently working well and areas that need attention in relation to the Village’s vision and goals contained in the Village of Lumby Strategic Plan. The next step was to identify and rank issues and opportunities impacting the region and the organization. Council reviewed this short-list determine Strategic Topics that warranted investigation during their final day workshop.

For the Village of Lumby, setting priorities includes considering many topics along with the urgency, responsibility, and capacity to act within our existing or expected future resources such as grant opportunities and partnership. Through this year’s extensive process more than 50 topics were identified and assessed, categorized, prioritized, and assigned as appropriate. These working sessions are a valuable method for Council and senior management to discuss each topic in depth and set direction for the Village’s operating departments to align service delivery with our community priorities.

After thorough review, Council determined its strategic priorities that could be acted upon NOW over the next 12 months, those that would be tackled NEXT/LATER as longer term strategic directions, as well as actions primarily for the attention of staff. These Council Priorities and Operational Strategies are contained in a one page Strategic Priorities Chart.

The resulting Strategic Plan document (linked here) which includes the Strategic Priorities Chart on page 6 was approved by Council November 20th, 2023.