Wildfire Risk Reduction Works – Pile Burning Notification

The Monashee Community Forest (MCF) plans to burn approximately 700 piles of wood debris at the top of the hill immediately west of the village of Lumby. The burn is scheduled to begin toward the end of November and will be ongoing until the project is complete. Smoke, and potentially flames, will be visible from Lumby and the surrounding area. Burning will only occur if weather conditions are suitable to allow smoke to dissipate.

The piles being burnt are associated with a wildfire risk reduction project implemented by the MCF in 2021. The primary goal of the project is to provide a contiguous zone of modified/reduced forest fuels that will slow the spread of a fast-moving wildfire encroaching on the Village of Lumby from the west. This zone will be less susceptible to ignition, will burn less intensively if ignited, and will provide improved access for fire-fighting crews.

MCF Wildfire Risk reduction Block 12-1