Council Adopts ICBC/MV Business Case

At its’ Regular Meeting dated October 18, 2021 Council adopted the ICBC/MV Business Case.

Recommendations approved by Council from the business case include:

  • relocating ICBC/MV services to the existing Council Chambers.
  • constructing a new Council Chambers meeting room at the east end of the municipal office building.

The new meeting room objective is to allow for increased public participation through creating a space to accommodate up to 50 people for meetings, public hearings and other civic related meetings.

The relocation of the ICBC/MV is to allow for improved work flow separating regular municipal business from the ICBC/MV services. This will allow for a more equitable distribution of workloads, achieving a higher level of efficiency, increased focus and accuracy.

All costs for these changes will be funded through the Village’s COVID-19 Safe Restart Grant.