Temporary Closure of Oval Park, White Valley Community Centre, Okanagan Regional Library, Lumby Spray Park, and Lumby Pool

The Oval Park, including Lumby Spray Park and Pool located at 1815 Glencaird Street, and the White Valley Community Centre and Lumby Branch of the Okanagan Regional Library located at 2250 Shields in Lumby, BC, are closed until further notice due to a potential chemical exposure.

While opening the park for the day and performing their routine maintenance operations, a Lumby staff member reported feeling unwell while handling chemicals, and is on route to the hospital for further observation. The Lumby and District Fire Department is on scene investigating.

“The area has been secured with no public access permitted. There is no risk to the public at this time and emergency responders are on site responding to the call. We will work closely with emergency responders in investigating incident,” said Tom Kadla, Chief Administrative Officer, Village of Lumby.

The Village of Lumby operates White Valley Parks and Recreation services on behalf of the RDNO. A notice will be issued once the park can be reopened and available to the public.