BC Hydro Planned Power Outage for Lumby – November 28, 2021

BC Hydro has a planned power outage for Lumby. The outage is going ahead November 28 from 8am to 2pm. 

All impacted customers were issued a Postcard notice on November 15.  Auto-Dialer / Email notifications were issued – Nov 15th (to all customers who have their phone number/email listed with BC Hydro’s billing system)

The notice of the Planned Outages can be seen on the BC Hydro website: https://www.bchydro.com/power-outages/app/outage-list-planned.html#planned-2072041405

The impacted area as follows (this is a count of meters, so the number of people would be higher. For ex. a house would typically have one meter and for the purpose of this calculation would count as one customer, but that house may have any number of people living in it)

  • Lumby – 3145 Customers
  • Coldstream – 743 Customers
  • Cherryville – 178 Customers
  • Vernon – 151 Customers
  • Lavington – 17 Customers

For further information please contact BC Hydro:

Dag Sharman | Southern Interior Community Relations, Communications

BC Hydro

1401 Kalamalka Lake Road,

Vernon, BC V1T8S

P     250 549 8531

E      dag.sharman@bchydro.com